The joint-stock company S - projekt plus was established on 1st January, 1995. The company was formed from Stavoprojekt Zlín which had more than thirty years of experience in the field of project activities. The company provides complete design activities for a wide range of buildings - buildings for industry and logistics, trade and services, spa and health care, administration and buildings for education and training.



S-projekt plus, a.s. offers the following broad portfolio of services:

  • Information and counseling - initial studies
  • Expert assistance for site selection, including verifying feasibility and the conditions for land acquisition, feasibility studies
  • Comprehensive engineering services
  • Land-use planning documents
    o urban studies
    o regulatory plans
  • Studies, planning permit documentation and project documentation for
    o  residential constructions
    o  administrative buildings, buildings for health and social sectors, education, trade, hotels and tourism, culture, sports including sports halls and indoor and outdoor pools
    o  construction of services, workshops, premises and production halls, logistics
    o  reconstruction, adaptation, extensions and extensions of buildings
    o  humanizing existing residential buildings, including roof extensions
    o  family houses
    o  boiler rooms, heat exchanger stations, transformer stations, gas control stations
    o  traffic structures - communications, technical / highway maintenance, bridges, landscaping
    o  utilities and buildings - water mains, water reservoirs, sewerage systems, waste water treatment plants, heat channels, wind power plants, electricity networks: high and low currents, gas pipelines, flow adjustments, sports facilities
    processing is performed in all technologies
  • Exploratory work
    o  ie geodetic measurements, geological surveys, static surveys, construction-technical surveys
  • Surveying the current state of buildings
  • Interior projects
  • Providing author’s supervision of construction sites
  • Providing investor's technical supervision of construction sites
  • Providing services in the performance of contracting activities
  • Reproduction, copying, scanning and qualified bookbinding

S-projekt plus, a.s. is located at tř. Tomáš Baťa 508 in Zlín.

It has a team of workers who cover all professions which are related to the relevant tasks: architects, design builders, structural engineers, cost managers, design engineers. networks - sewerage, water supply, gas pipelines, electricity circuits, central heating, air conditioning,  measurement and regulation, transport, etc.

It is authorized under Act No. 360/92 Coll. approx. 35 workers.

It is fully-resourced with technical and material equipment to ensure that all its activities can be fully-undertaken. There is a well-established IT network within the company. All graphics stations, which are part of this network, are installed with the latest versions of AutoCAD, AutoDesk REVIT incl. plug-ins & extentions and MicroStation V8 graphics editor. The physical graphic documentation are produced using our own color plotters and with high-quality reproduction technology.


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